The Biggest Dropshipping Niches in 2020

This season has been challenging for all the businesses. Customer behavior has modified and companies had a big mission to adjust to the emerging trends quite expeditiously. Therefore, the dropshippers had a new dilemma – will anticipated niches be still popular in 2020? Is there a difference in requirements between countries?

Let’s try to observe the whole picture and get an irrefragable answer.

Global Dropshipping Trends

As dropshipping eCommerce is expanding vigorously, more and more trends are emerging. If we look over the statistics of the past years, there are two main trends that stay on top: 1) Technology and creative gadgets, 2) Comfort, and self-care. These niches stay relevant in 2020, as well.

Dropshipping Niches

The dropshipping niche is an item that is popular among a specific segment of customers and sells well online.

United States VS Rest of World

The US market is one of the largest and most interesting for the dropshippers. According to USA is the first among 10 most profitable dropshipping countries, followed by UK and Australia in this order. GDP of the United States is 19.39 trillion USD and the population is more than 327 million. The USA unites customers of many different needs and tastes, that’s why, in case of proper targeting, dropshipping to the USA will always bring you a good profit.

United Kingdom

The population of the UK is noticeably smaller than the USA, but people behind the Union Jack are more acknowledged to shopping online – they are responding to social media ads and are interested in various offers. That’s why the UK is one of the best attractions for dropshippers all around the world. Moreover, the difference between the goods that sell well in the USA and the UK is quite insignificant.


Brazil is one of the fastest-growing dropshipping destinations all around the world. Yet in 2018, customers spent over 500 billion dollars on buying goods online and it’s expected that e-commerce sales will exceed 4,5 trillion by 2021! That’s a good indicator that both the market and customers are perfect for dropshipping.


The German population is over 83 million and the income per capita is significantly higher compared to other counties. This allows customers to make several online purchases during a week. German people are very busy during the week and some research shows that this is the reason why many people prefer to buy items online. Moreover, there is a higher number of people who use weekends for picnics or hiking, that’s why traveling goods are selling really rapidly in Germany.


The first thing that comes to mind is fashion and you’re right, fashion makes 47% of the country’s total GMV. The French themselves produce high-end fashionable goods and also tend to buy things from other countries. Jewelry and accessories, as well as products of well-known brands, are very popular here.

Top 15 Brandable Dropshipping Niches 2020

Here’ we selected products that are very popular all around the world.

  1. Creative kitchen gadgets;
  2. Gadgets for good sleep;
  3. Fitness accessories;
  4. Car kits;
  5. Picnic equipment;
  6. Birthday party accessories;
  7. Bachelor and bachelorette party accessories;
  8. Gender-neutral toys and decoration kids;
  9. Korean skincare;
  10. Jewelry;
  11. DIY kits for home;
  12. Pet accessories;
  13. Led light for good photos;
  14. Phone holders and cases;
  15. Adult board games.

As you can see, even 2020 is a challenging year, there is no drastic change in dropshipping niches. There is a difference between some countries and requirements, but usually, the most popular niches are popular all around the world. Moreover, the profit from dropshipping is growing rapidly over the years and it’s expected that dropshipping will be one of the most profitable businesses of all time.

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