Dropshipping Home and Design products 2021

Dropshipping Home and Design products 2021

What exactly is dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a delivery method where the seller does not actually have a physical stock of the product they are selling. In the case of dropshipping products, the seller usually buys them from a third-party supplier and ships them directly to the customer, without them ever knowing it. Dropshipping is a really good way to get yourself into entrepreneurship, without bearing too much risk. You can freely start a small venture and do not actually have to invest heavily into anything besides a website. It can also be a low-cost opportunity for larger businesses to test out new ideas and products on their existing customer base. Dropshipping is an exciting opportunity both for first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned business people to explore new grounds.

What exactly is dropshipping

Some of the best dropshipping product ideas

The biggest challenge for a newly started dropshipping entrepreneur is finding the correct product to focus on, this is also where most people make their first mistake by choosing a product based on their own preferences and interests. If your top priority is building a successful, profitable dropshipping business, you should never make decisions based on your personal passion. Below we will cover some of the best dropshipping product categories and so you can pick something that is the best match for you.

Home and Design products

People love their homes and are spending mind-bending amounts of money to decorate and renovate their living spaces. A very good starting point for newbies is to dropship home goods. Below we are going to list some of the best categories in the home decor dropshipping segment:

Artificial flower & plant

This is an excellent entry point for most newcomers. There is lots of variety that can be offered to the potential customers and low entry cost. Artificial flowers & plants are a low-maintenance solution for adding a personal touch to every home. A lot of well-known decorators have started using artificial plants, and they will become quite trendy in 2021. 


Dropshipping furniture is something that requires more skill and finances since furniture tends to be more expensive. However, this category also has a wide range of dropship home brands to choose from. You can choose something upscale and classy like Pottery Barn or something more affordable like Wayfair. Dealing with furniture is a better choice for dropshippers who have a little bit of experience and know what they are doing.

Hand Luggage & Backpacks

Another category that is fairly easy to get into with no prior dropshipping experience. Hand luggage & backpacks is a huge market, which makes it even more attractive for dropshippers. There is a lot of opportunities to create small stores with a narrow focus in order to capitalize on the ever-changing trends in this market. Since most people, associate hand luggage & backpacks with travel and positive memories, correct communication with potential customers is the key to success in this niche. 

Home decor

This in our opinion is the best segment to get started with. It has everything: low entry costs, countless number of product categories, extremely low product prices, which means that people will be making a lot of impulse purchases. To be short, if you want to learn dropshipping, you should dropship home decor, since it is a sure and fast way to learn the ins and outs of the game.

Kitchen & Accessories

Incredibly popular niche market with a lot of opportunity and demand, why, you may ask? It is simple, food is one of our basic necessities so kitchenware and kitchen accessories will always be needed. This market would be one of the safest bets long term, when it comes to dropshipping. If you can target the right audience and offer them a high quality product for a reasonable price, the inflow of customers will never stop. 

How exactly does dropshipping work?

We have covered some of the best entry markets for beginner dropshippers, now let’s focus on how things work. The first thing any dropshipper has to do is set up a website. There are a variety of solutions here like Shopify or WordPress plugins like WooCommerce. They are cheap and fairly easy to set up. After you get your website up and running, you have to find a wholesaler to partner up with and list all the products you intend to sell. Once a customer places an order with you, you notify your dropshipping partner who packages the product and ships it directly to the customer. You charge the customer and dropshipping partner in turn charges you, the difference between these two is your profit, simple and straightforward.

high quality dropshipping product

Final thoughts

Above we have discussed a variety of best markets to get started with dropshipping. While these markets are extremely large and constantly growing, it must also be said that it takes a lot of effort to become successful in this business. Choosing a correct niche is only half of the job, targeting the right audience and positioning yourself in a correct manner is also very important. However, careful planning and consideration will make you overcome most of these difficulties and will enable you to build a thriving and successful dropshipping business.

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