Top 5 Dropshipping Trends for 2021

dropshipping trends

Online business is changing over time. The eCommerce businesses are dependent on customers’ needs. Therefore, different actions of people create new dropshipping trends, which you do not want to miss!

2020 was the game-changer year for an eCommerce business. In other words, new reality brought different priorities, rules, possibilities, and expectations.

Having the long-term dropshipping store means to adapt changes. That is to say, that crucial factor for competitiveness is the adjustment.

In this blog, we will walk through all of the leading dropshipping trends, and cover up some perfect product ideas for dropship in 2021!

let’s get started.

1. post-pandemic dropshipping

In the period of the pandemic, 10 years of US e-commerce growth happened in 3 months.

As countries were locked and people were forced to close their local shops, online business has reached its largest growth rate, not only in America but all over the world.

It is predicted that in 2021 ecommerce business will approach $5 trillion profit. However, in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, growth will be faster than in America.

Euromonitor estimates that 17% of goods will be bought this year, nearly doubling from 2016.

These numbers are just the beginning of the dropshipping business. The more convenient and easy the service is for the customers, the more they get involved. Although many brands could not keep up with the changing environment, some of them saw a vast benefit from getting more customers online.

This shopping habit may slow a bit when folks eventually return to their normal routines, but it won’t stop. Now people know how comfortable online shopping can be – as a dropshipper, you can use this as an advantage.

How to use this dropshipping trend?

The world is pushing you to start a dropshipping business right now. If you haven’t launched that dropshipping store you’ve been thinking about, now’s the time to do it!

We have some FREE materials to help you get started:

Once, you set up your online store you need to find high-demand products to sell. Changes in customer behavior also changed their desires – whole different items started to sold out on ecommerce stores.

Keep on reading to find trendy product ideas.

2. Growth of the mobile commerce

Another dropshipping trend is the growth of mobile commerce. We can describe it as the evolution of ecommerce.

Did you know that in 2021 more than half of the ecommerce sales are mobile sales?

The beneficial news for dropshippers is that mobile shopping is now possible through mobile-optimized websites, apps, and even social media platforms.

If you look at your behavior, you will discover that most of the time your mobile is in your hand, and you spend much more time searching for the items to purchase by mobile than the computer. It is a new reality!

If you have an online website, but it’s not mobile-friendly, you can consider the game as lost.

Nowadays, not only do people perceive mobile-friendly websites as more convenient also Google likes them. Usually, mobile-friendly websites get higher ranks on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

So, if you aim to increase organic visitors on your dropshipping website, this characteristic should be considered as one of the vital factors.

How to benefit from this trend?

You probably plan to keep up with new trends, then one of your goals for 2021 should be having a mobile-friendly website. As a result, you will increase sales and attract more visitors to your page.

Another important step will be using social media channels for your ecommerce business. Apart from promotions and marketing, social media can also be useful for making direct sales.

As people feel more confident while buying online, 2021 is the year of social media sales.

3. Importance of Visual Commerce

In 2021 aesthetics matter as never. Selling items become art since it is getting more and more dependent on visual aspects.

Visual commerce is a powerful tool to enrich customer experience. In other words, compelling images get 94% more views than basic visuals.

It applies not only to your website design but also to product images. Imagine yourself in the customers’ shoes, you can’t touch or feel items while purchasing online, but you want to know as much about them as possible.

That’s what high-resolution images can help.

Visual ecommerce

How to improve the visual aspects of your website?

With visual commerce, you can increase sales by 25%. That is quite a high number for only one aspect of the whole process.

There are several ways to use visual commerce better:

  • Change your product images from JPG to JPEG2000 or WebP formats to improve quality and loading speed.
  • Allow customers to use image searches.
  • Create 360-degree pictures or high-quality videos of your products.


4. Increase of dropshipping product research tools

Before you start your online shop, you need to do in-depth research about products. Even if you already have your running business, checking trending products to choose the right ones is essential. That’s why product research tools are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

All the dropshippers want to sell popular items because that’s what customers are looking for. Given that competition is growing between online retailers, and another dropshipping trend is the rise of product search tools.

Which product research tools to use?

Want to keep up with this trend? Then you should know where to start searching.

You can check out the following research tools:

  • Google Trends

One of the best free product research tools is Google Trends. You can easily access the information about what people are looking for all around the world. Google product research tool helps you to see the volume of each product search and to compare them by popularity.

  • Seller App

Want to find the bestseller products on Amazon? – Seller App is the Amazon product research tool, which suggests numerous item alternatives.

  • AutoDS

AutoDS is a product finder tool for dropshippers. It has all the important features to help retailers search and analyze the best items to sell online.

dropshipping research tools

5. Sustainability in dropshipping

Sustainability is rising rapidly. Nearly 70% of professionals expect consumers to be more concerned about sustainability than before COVID-19.

Green consumerism becomes trendier as people are purchasing more from eco-friendly brands. Major ecommerce brands have already started sustainable practices in their business. Therefore, your online store should keep abreast of this trend as well.

How to set up sustainable practices?

If you use a sustainable approach your dropshipping brand image will improve, customers will support your brand, and they will probably buy more products than before. In short, this dropshipping trend can be beneficial for your long-term dropshipping business.

Here are some options to attract more green consumers to your online store:

  • Provide more eco-friendly products: Natural makeup products, Organic baby products, and healthcare products.
  • Align your brand with environmental charities or influencers.
  • Create original content on green consumerism.

Trending dropshipping products to sell in 2021

New dropshipping trends brought a whole different reality. Nowadays, people tend to buy items that were forgotten or not desirable before.

An ecommerce business looking to dominate the market must prepare itself to adopt the latest trends as soon as possible.

However, if you plan your dropshipping business to rise in 2021 with all the five trends, you will need the winning product ideas as well. Finding products is complicated and tricky, but we analyzed and collected the best items.

Top 5 great niche products with high-profit margins to sell right now:

1.Health Niche – Omega 3

In the period of a pandemic, demand for health supplies increased overnight. People started searching for all the useful items for their health.

That is why Omega-3 has become a trendy product, as it is considered an essential nutrient for health. Fish is one of the best supplements because it has plenty of Omega-3. Google Trend shows that searches on this item are increasing and have a pretty high search volume.

2.Pet Niche – Pet Cloth

Pet parents tend to purchase various items for their little friends. Pet accessories, toys, and clothes are getting popular every day. They are available in different sizes, and you can choose the color of your choice.

Every pet lover wants to see their dogs or cats in a beautiful outfit. That’s why pet clothes are one of the bestseller products of 2021.

You can sell this product at your dropshipping store and attract more pet lovers.

pet cloth niche – Earring

The fashion niche is an evergreen category. Women are constantly taking care of their appearance, which causes the increased demand for jewelry.

With such a large variety of pricing, styles, and low cost to ship, there are so many possibilities you can carve out in the earrings market. They don’t take up much packaging space, and they are light, which makes them a great product for dropship.

Based on Google Trend, earrings are an excellent option for online stores. You can add different types of earrings to your store with the help of 365DROPSHIP.

dropshipping earring

4.Beauty Niche – Body Lotion

The beauty niche is a high-performing category in dropshipping. People love to buy makeup supplies, lotions, oils, and skincare products. Therefore, beauty products are super trendy.

This dropshipping niche has a lot of sub-niches. For example, body care, shaving supplies, cosmetics. You can check which items are more popular with product research tools.

We searched the body lotion keyword and saw that demand is moving upfront.

Using effective body lotion can make skin healthy, and customers also know this. 2021 is the year for body lotion dropshipping since it’s part of our hot products list.

dropshipping trends body losion

5.Fashion Niche – Gucci Bag

Fashion is a roomy category with numerous items to sell. However, you should know which sub-niches are more profitable.

The bag niche is open to new possibilities. It seems like people search for more and more branded bags, for example, Gucci Bag.

As you can see, demand for Gucci Bag increased from 2020. The peak point for this item was at the period of New Year’s eve. However, this product has true potential and pleasant profit margins.

gucci bag dropshipping

Bottom line

2021 brought a new reality with different dropshipping trends and bestselling products. To clarify, if you want to have a successful dropshipping store, fulfilling these trends is important.

There are five most vital changes to look out for:

  • Post-pandemic influence
  • Growth of the mobile commerce
  • Importance of visual commerce
  • Increase of product research tools
  • Enhance sustainability practices

With the huge variety of items to sell, there are the top five trendy products for your dropshipping store:

  • Omega-3
  • Pet cloth
  • Earring
  • Body lotion
  • Gucci Bag

To sum up, it’s preferred to follow modern trends because they reflect the interests of consumers. As a clever dropshipper, you should keep up with recent changes in the business.


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