Beauty Dropshipping Niche Guide 2020

Beauty Niche Dropship items

Beauty products and dropshipping business go hand in hand. The former is successfully sold all around the globe, always has a high demand and varies incredibly from the needs of one customer to another. While the latter is an effective and relatively less cost-heavy method to make profit and provide satisfactory services for the end-receivers. Dropship beauty has gained an immense popularity over the last couple years.

There are more companies producing beauty products than ever before, on top of which, celebrities and Youtube beauty gurus also supply a huge variety of make-up tools. With so many brands and stores to choose from, beauty dropshipping is bound to benefit you in many ways. Our task, however, is to briefly guide you in correctly handling your business and getting the best out of it.


Beauty Products coverBeauty Niche Dropshipping

If you are looking for perfect dropshipping beauty suppliers, you may want to pause for a moment and take a look at 365dropship. Products presented there are of trustworthy quality, and they all come from reliable, topshelf brands. What’s even better is the endless variety that you will see while searching for the desired items. To better guide you in the world of beauty niche dropshipping , we are presenting a concise list that covers all essential beauty products with short, although satisfactory descriptions.

Makeup drop shipping products

Perhaps the most well-sold and widely used beauty asset throughout human history, makeup is a great way to establish your name and draw the highest possible profit out of the industrial market. Makeup items come in countless ways, shape or form and they even appeal to people with unique lifestyles. For example, dropshipping vegan makeup is becoming more and more popular, since many people have started to see issues with the use and abuse of animal experimentation in the beauty industry.

USA Body and Skincare products Dropshippers

Us dropshipping suppliers map
Us dropshipping suppliers map


Skin care beauty dropshipping is a definite top-seller across the globe. On 365dropship, you can find all sorts of body/skin care products not only from affordable drugstore companies, but under the famous brand names as well. L’Oreal, Balmain, Clinique and many more can be easily accessed through the website dashboard where you get to enjoy the latest trends, and luxurious items.


Best Hair care Products US Suppliers

Not only is it important to supply your online store with the basic hair care products, but you could possibly stretch out your imagination a little bit, and add various styling tools or even professional salon items. When purchasing the goods from this dropshipping niche, make sure to remain as inclusive as possible. Take into consideration all types of hair, be it unproblematic and healthy, or dry and damaged. Try to appeal to customers of many different ethnic backgrounds since quite often, there are complaints regarding the lack of diversity in hair care items available on the market.

Hair care Products for Drop shipping

Oil Dropshipping Suppliers

If you take interest in drop shipping organic beauty products to sell, perhaps aromatherapy is for you. 365dropship offers an interesting selection of essential oils, the latter for the treatment of various skin conditions such as damage, inflammation and not only. There is also a variety of hemp seed oils which can be used for pain and stress relief. It has to be mentioned that this part of the beauty industry faces a comparatively lower competition, which could make your business, if run and managed appropriately, way more profitable.

Shaving & Hair Removal US Dropshippers

365dropship is perfectly fitting for those who take interest in natural beauty products. The latter guarantee the safety and no further complications which are so important when it comes to hair removal and shaving procedures. Both of these are infamous for causing skin irritation and other inconveniences in the customers, hence the requirements and expectations for hair removal/shaving items are especially high. On the website, you can find just about any type of product that falls under this niche. There are handmade alternatives as well, which can be a little pricey, but definitely worth the money.

Baby care niche Drop shippers

It is obvious that any type of grooming assortment can make a profitable niche in the dropshipping industry. Baby care items is no exception. There is a huge array of products you could supply your online store with, since the gotta-gets for the little ones vary so much. One thing you should keep in mind though, is the enhanced degree of reluctance with which people approach making such purchases. Everyone prioritizes the quality and wants to ensure that their babies will not be harmed in any way. Make sure to connect with the trustworthy company and offer as many necessary items as you possibly can.

Maternal care Dropship items

Since we have already reviewed the risks and benefits of dropshipping baby care products, it might as well be a good idea to provide some guidance regarding the items necessary for maternal health. These two, after all, are closely linked to each other. While it is true that prior research should be done before obtaining any type of dropshipping item, those relating to health demand even greater care and at least some degree of knowledge. Whether you are looking for hemoglobin analyzers, pregnancy tests, or even fetal monitors for larger scale clients, make sure that you understand what you are offering, how reliable your supplier is and whether the quality of their products can be trusted to this degree.

Maternal care Dropship itemsMen care Niche Dropshipping items

Self-care and grooming items for men are in a wider usage now than ever before. As a matter of fact, this dropshipping niche was not considered profitable in the past, and many used to believe that it would be hard to attract the customers or generate interest in them to purchase such items.

However, this has changed drastically over the last couple years, for many social and cultural reasons that won’t be analyzed in this article. In any manner, if you are willing to dropship men care products, shaving and beard oils should be your priority. These two are top-sellers, but the downside is that you have to be extremely careful to avoid irritable, unsafe and poorly manufactured items. Various colognes could also make a nice addition to your store and potentially higher profit margin by the way.

Sports & Leisure

Even though the on-going lockdowns and pandemic restrictions have made it impossible to enjoy some quality gym time, it has prompted most people to prioritize indoor workouts which still require comfortable equipment. With this in mind, you can purchase mats, water bottles, workout clothes, dumbbells, weights, resistance bands and many more. Very much like the above dropshipping niches, you can enjoy the endless variety here as well. After all, online retail is extremely convenient for selling and supplying sports & leisure goods.

Sport items for Drop shipping In closing

We hope that the readers could see just how diverse and profitable health and beauty dropshipping niche can be, when done right of course! Even though it is necessary to research and explore your potential goods and services regardless of what they may be, more precautions and greater care must be taken when dealing with health-related products and beauty items. You don’t want to constantly deal with the negative reviews, complaint letters and name-calling, do you? To avoid all these, and successfully run your beauty dropshipping business, comply with the helpful tips and tricks provided above, and do not hesitate to invest necessary time, money and effort.

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