Top Dropship wholesale health products 2021

Dropshipping wholesale health products

In recent months, the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic have shown once again that health and wellbeing is the most important thing in life of any human. To tell the truth, healthcare and beauty products can now be considered to be a basic necessity and people like to invest heavily into their health and their looks. Therefore, if you have decided to dropship health and beauty products, then you are halfway to success already.

One of the popular dropshipping trends of the year is health and beauty products. Choosing healthcare products as a niche for your eCommerce store can make your business generate stable income flow. People care about their health and the health of their close ones deeply, that is why the health products market is so popular. After the beginning of the pandemic, this market has grown substantially, people are concerned about their health more than ever. 

Top Dropshiping health and beauty products

If you want to start health care products dropshipping you have to understand that there is an enormous variety of suppliers and the market has a large number of sub-niches.  Most of the dropship health suppliers focus on products like dietary supplements, skincare products, and medical supplies. Below, we are going to review some of the best and most demanded products in the health products category.


Keto Fire


The first product on our list is the king among dropship health and beauty products. This is the holy grail of food supplements. Keto fire is primarily used by the people who are adhering to the insanely popular ketogenic diet. Not only does this product help with weight loss, it also significantly boosts the energy levels while staying on the keto, which does not allow consumption of carbohydrates. If you want to dropship health supplements, then this is an excellent choice to explore the market. The recent popularity of keto diets keeps this product in high demand. The biggest advantage of dropshipping products like these is that your customers will be making a lot of recurring orders. 


Bamboo toothbrushes


Due to dramatic changes in our climate, the alarming rate of cataclysms, and ever-growing pollution on Earth, more and more people are getting interested in biodegradable items. This is especially true of items that we use in large quantities throughout our lives. This is how bamboo toothbrushes became one of the most popular green health products: eco-friendly and naturally biodegradable brushes have gradually replaced plastic brushes around the globe. 

Eye patches


Today, when the world is evolving at lightning speed, people have to multitask and in fact, there is no one who does not suffer from stress on a daily basis, it is difficult to find a person who sleeps soundly and peacefully. The consequences of insomnia are reflected on everyone’s face, especially around the eyes. In recent years, eyepatches have become a helping hand and an inseparable friend of all sleepless, stressed people. However, it should also be noted that if you decide on dropshipping medical products, the beauty segment offers a wide variety of opportunities. Just as an example: eye patches are a separate product, however, they can also be considered a part of the skincare routine, consequently, we can offer and bundle it up with other skin care products.


Quartz Roller Facial Massager 


​​This is another leader in health & beauty products. YouTube and TikTok channels are flooded with tutorial videos on how to use quartz rollers, why you should store them in the fridge, which lotions are more effective to use with them, and much more. When dropshipping products, especially beauty products, the key to success is talking about their versatility. The more we explain to the customer the purpose of the product and how to use it, the higher are the chances that he or she will buy this product from us.

How do you dropship health products? 

Dropshipping health products are not different from dropshipping any other stuff. You do your research to find something that is in great demand, find a trusted supplier who can offer competitive prices. When this is done, you add the products to your eCommerce store, adjust the return policies and shipping time estimates. After all of these, comes the most important and tricky part, the marketing campaign. If you can target the right audience for your product, you will have no problems emptying your partner’s stock.

dropship health product


Health is the value that every person, regardless of age or gender, devotes time to and pays attention to, therefore, dropshipping medical supplies is an excellent idea to start an ecommerce business. The market is enormous, the demand is growing, the right choice of target audience and in demand, quality products will set you apart from other dropship suppliers and make your business a success. Healthcare products are something that every person needs at any time of the year and anywhere in the world, so no potential buyer will ever miss a chance to buy this kind of product.

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