Clothing Dropshippers in 2020 – Trends, Sales and More

clothing dropshippers 2020


Online shopping for clothing has become an inevitable part of a modern lifestyle. It is quite literally everywhere and seems to be one of the most profitable businesses to run. It appeals to all age groups and can be operated successfully throughout the entire year. In other words, clothing drop shipper stores are not bound to experience seasonal uplifts or temporary failures.

Under thoughtful guidance and proper management, they can be maintained and directed at a consistent rate of prosperity. Ecommerce would be incomplete without numerous online clothing stores since the latter make up a vast majority of a huge web reserve which customers utilize for the satisfaction of their requirements and needs.

About Dropshipping clothes

Before we demonstrate why clothing dropshipping is a promising and beneficial way to heighten your revenue, let us say a word or two about dropshipping in general. You may have heard that this business model is among the most successful techniques by which people are given an opportunity to avoid spending extra money on the maintenance of their commerce.

The ability to offer a wide variety of products to the clients in the absence of retaining them in stock at all times, allows dropshippers to work with increased flexibility and avoid extra pressure required to keep and sustain a traditionally run business.

It turns out that clothing and fashion dropshippers belong to the most successful dropshipping niche that is out there. As already mentioned in the first paragraph, there are a number of reasons that contribute to selling specifically clothing items as being one of the most steadily profitable and reliable paths to choose from.

  • Fashion trends change constantly, and those who take interest in what designers have to say will opt to purchase the items that are in harmony with the dictation of the said trendsetters. Thus, the business will always have a certain array of clients that it will attract. More so, if we consider the number of people who are committed to particular brands and designers. In any manner, dropshipping fashion clothes are less likely to run at loss.
  • Clothes are not an item of specialized interest. Everybody needs to dress, and whether it is watered down to extremely essential needs or highly pretentious requirements, the cash flow in clothing e-commerce will be bound to remain optimal.
  • Dropship clothing companies, in comparison to other dropshipping niches, have the advantage of endless variety. The items which can be utilized in this field range anywhere from luxurious products to affordable thrift shop clothes. Thus, it has a great degree of universalizability and is not confined to the limits of any sort.

Below, we present the list of most common dropshipping clothing items, their brief descriptions, related trends, and the most efficient ways of their procurement

Environmental friendly t-shirts 

As ecological awareness is spread around the globe at a rapid rate, expressions of environmental-friendly sentiments become very relevant. This trend is absolutely brand new and perfectly targets the Gen-Z demographic. In addition, such t-shirts come in great variety. Any size, color, and design are available and they can be shipped worldwide as well.

Eco-friendly merchandise is generally unisex, which only makes it more efficient of an addition to your stock. In order to increase your ethical credibility and gain more customers, you could also add a charitable description under the presented products.

dropshipping T-shirts

Stylish snowsuits

What another piece of clothing could be more relevant as of now than an eye-catching winter coating? Wholesale clothing dropshippers must take into account the seasonal advantages of providing winter clothing items and put more emphasis on the details relevant to the extreme winter conditions. Many people fancy spending their winter breaks in snowy resorts, and oftentimes, it is impossible to be dressed appropriately while remaining stylish.

By offering a snowsuit with all the necessary features and a chic, sophisticated design, you could greatly increase the order volumes of your store. Another important detail is the opportunity to send greater amounts of snowsuits to target regions. Canada, Northern European countries, and other places are known for their harsh climate could very well be interested in purchasing similar pieces of clothing.

Bodycon dresses

This particular fashion item has been made incredibly popular by celebrities and social media influencers. With the rising popularity of the body positivity movement, more and more people have become comfortable enough to rock skin-tight dresses and show off their figures. Bodycon dresses can be shipped worldwide and they are widely available for dropshipping as well. On top of that, they can be worn in various formats, coupled with other pieces of clothing, and may even yield other purchases from the customers.

All because of its overall appearance itself. The majority of the buyers may still not be confident enough to only wear bodycon dresses, but adding jackets, shirts, or any other more modest details are surely going to complete their outfit and make it comfortable. Taking all these into account, clothing dropshippers should not miss out on adding bodycon dresses to their online stores.

T-shirts from the previous century

Not to confuse the 90’s themed t-shirts with the actual articles of clothing from that era, in this section we are going to introduce commonly worn and almost universally adored retro shirts. In present times, it is extremely trendy to wear clothes that represent or carry the message from previous centuries.

Be it a TV show, famous singer, rock band, or a cinematographic creation, especially younger generations love to have the reminiscence of their beloved pieces of art printed on display. What’s even better is the ability to conduct worldwide shipping and of course, one needs not to worry about emptying their stock in an efficient period of time. Retro t-shirts are well-sold, and they appeal to a wide variety of customers.

Bucket hats

This somewhat unusual headwear has gained many followers over the past couple of years. It is commonly worn by those who take interest in street fashion. In 2017, Balenciaga fashion house made street style their staple get-go, and many designers started to implement bucket hats into their stores and products. In addition, East Asian fashion trends started to spread all across the globe.

Their music and culture gained many fans and people started to idolize somewhat peculiar clothing combinations commonly worn by singers and dancers from Korea, for example. Unlike bodycon dresses which are mostly purchased by women, bucket hats can be bought by virtually anyone. They’re sure to make a great addition to any online store.

bucket hat dropshipping

Cardigans & Sweaters 

Back to the seasonally relevant clothing items! Almost all collections designed for the fall and winter include various forms of sweaters and cardigans. After all, these articles of clothing manage to keep you warm, cozy, comfortable, and stylish.

Is not that an ideal combination for fashionistas? Wholesale clothing dropshippers with their luxurious boutiques in Los Angeles offer one of the most profitable conditions for people interested in benefiting from this niche.

With specialized dropshipping programs, plus-size options, and numerous sales opportunities, it would be both smart and a fruitful order to get hands-on with the high-quality cardigan & sweater collections. The latter, after all, become especially easy to sell in the upcoming winter season.

Kids clothing 

Necessary clothing items for children certainly have the look of a worthwhile product for dropship clothing companies. It would not be too unreasonable to assume that kids clothing pieces are not only relevant in 2020, or any particular year for that matter, but they hold a pretty steady degree of relevance at all times.

Unlike the above descriptions, the necessity of providing appropriate fashion trends or tendencies as such is not much needed. In searching for children’s clothes, people usually seem to care about the quality of the material, how safe it is for kids, and how affordable the prices are. With this information, clothing dropshippers should be able to offer suitable products and satisfactory services.


Shoes are undoubtedly one of the best-selling dropshipping products for any online store. Firstly, because of their undeniable diversity. Can you imagine how many sub-categories there can be if you simply add shoes to your retail company? Boots, heeled shoes, sandals, sneakers, running shoes, seasonal footwear, occasion-dependent pieces, so on and so forth.

Within the listed categories, there are endless branches too. The list could be stretched to infinity, and this only proves just how profitable dropshipping shoes can be. Unlike bodycon dresses or bucket hats, shoes do not need to obey any one particular fashion trend or a peculiar taste requirement. They are an absolute necessity, and offering high-quality essentials is always a good idea.

footwear dropship

Leather Jumpsuits

Despite some of the backlash that jumpsuits, in general, tend to receive, they still manage to remain relevant and fashionable in 2020. Some think of this piece of clothing as unflattering, obnoxious, and extra, but for others, it is a comfortable and chic option that does not require too much effort or styling. Leather jumpsuits have become especially trendy in recent times, but what clothing dropshippers need to keep in mind is the use of leather itself.

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, environmentalism is accepted and practiced by a growing number of people, especially those belonging to the younger age groups. If drop shipping companies do not take precautions and start offering the items made of actual animal leather, they may set themselves up for instant failure.

While there may be a seemingly small group of people who care nothing about whether the jumpsuit is made from real leather or the latter derived by artificial methods, most people will be quick to dislike the company altogether, and even suggest to their friends and family never purchasing anything from them again. It is important to carefully analyze biosocial factors and conditions before jumping on fashionable and trendy business plans, so make sure to be mindful of this.

Final thoughts on dropshipping clothes

So then, should one opt to test their luck as a clothing dropshipper? Most certainly, yes. It is one of the best-selling, reliable, and well-attested dropshipping niches you could possibly choose. The variety is truthfully endless, and you can never run out of ideas and options, which only makes your business so much easier to manage and sustain.

Update yourself on the latest tendencies in clothing, beware of mindlessly hopping onto fashion trends and make conscious choices to deliver a maximally satisfying experience for your customers. This way, you may rest assured that your dropshipping business will be successfully operated for extended periods of time.

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