Dropshipping wholesale beauty products– best niche for 2021

The modern world is full of beauty. This industry is one of the largest and, it is growing each year by more than 5% since 2018. More and more eCommerce shop owners start to sell cosmetics online and, consumers love easy remote shopping.

But how can we actually sell beauty products? Where can we find the best wholesaler cosmetic brands and, is it worth dropshipping at all? – we will answer all your questions through this blog.

Whether you are an experienced drop shipper or you try to dropship for the first time, here are some common questions about beauty dropshipping that you might be interested in:

  • What is beauty dropshipping?
  • Is cosmetic dropshipping profitable?
  • How to start a dropshipping business with no money?
  • How to get good deals on wholesale makeup?
  • Which beauty products are in high demand?

What is beauty dropshipping?

All over the world, people use dropshipping businesses to sell products online. In this process, your physical location does not matter, and guess what? – you can sell products that you do not even have. This is not the only advantage you can enjoy as a drop shipper:

  • You do not need to invest a large amount of money
  • The risk factor is low
  • You definitely will not have warehouse costs
  • You can sell a broad range of products without investment
  • No shipping costs
  • Packaging and sending the merchandise is not your responsibility

Beauty drop shipping is connected to sell all kinds of cosmetics. You can sell different varieties of products because this niche is pretty big and interesting. For example, you can sell makeup brushes, oils, foundations, etc.

Cosmetics dropshipping

What are profit margins for cosmetic dropshipping?

Beauty was always one of the most profitable niches in online sales. The popularity of this category is mostly connected to the items that are used every day. There are millions of products that help people to be in their best shape.

Everyone likes to look good but is this business really profitable? – take a look at some prognosis:

  • Beauty and Health eCommerce sales are estimated to grow up to $73.27 billion this year. By 2023 this number will be $99.12B.
  • The size of the makeup market itself tends to grow every year. By 2025, this sub-niche will be worth an estimated $89.3 billion, so why not invest today?


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Source: Common Thread

People have become more sensitive about their appearance. They pay more attention to facial skin care products and try to stay in shape constantly. These changes have eventually led to unprecedented growth in the beauty industry, which is still growing.

Beauty drop shipping is one of the most profitable niches you can choose right now!

How to start a beauty dropshipping?

As the global beauty industry booming, more and more people are getting involved in this business. Want to be part of this multi-billion dollar industry? – go for it! but first, you should ask some important questions to yourself:

  • Which sub-niches should you choose for your business?
  • What exact products will you sell, how will you find them?
  • Who will be your customers?
  • How will you promote the products?

As you can see, before starting your own business, research some information about industrial trends and clear goals is vital.

After you collect this information, you should find eCommerce dropship platforms and search for all kinds of cosmetics that you want to sell. Mostly, when you use this kind of platform you do not pay beforehand. You only pay when products are actually sold – Which is an amazing opportunity to start a dropshipping business with no money!

365dropship is the perfect platform for those who like to start beauty dropshipping. You can easily find bestselling cosmetic suppliers and it takes only a few minutes to start selling dropship cosmetics on your website, Amazon, eBay, etc.

Selling your products with 365dropship will be the best choice of your life – as your business will fly with it!

How to find the wholesale makeup supplier?

As a drop shipper, you need to find a suitable vendor. A well-known fact is that margins are quite huge in the cosmetic field, but you can get some good deals with wholesale vendors.

Cosmetic wholesalers can be found everywhere, that includes your country and all over the globe as well. But the important fact is that you need some validation about vendors before you buy a large number of products. Never forgot to read the references or see the reviews about them!

Finding a reliable cosmetic supplier may be the key to your success.

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Where can I buy wholesale makeup?

Nowadays, you can find millions of dropshipping suppliers who are wholesalers. The popularity of makeup has increased and, it is easier to buy them for a reasonable price.

Drop shippers are mostly looking for cheap makeup products but do not forget that brand names are also important. People love branded makeup because they are trustworthy. However, choosing reliable cosmetics is not easy – you can use some of our suggestions:




These companies are focused on wholesale branded products. You can find a variety of cosmetic brands, which are famous over the world and of course, they are as cheapest as can be.

spa products and body care

Best beauty products for 2021

The beauty niche is an excellent category with numerous products in high demand. Let’s be honest! we all do our skincare routines every day. We spend hours taking care of our appearance and, it’s obvious that beauty products sell quickly. But there are some directions in beauty drop shipping, which are way more popular and trendy:

  • Skin Care products

Skincare becomes even more essential than before. Society changed its attitude toward beauty standards – now everyone is paying attention to beauty influencers and trends in this industry. No wonder skincare products are winners in the popularity competition.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are incredible products to sell online as the demand is rising day by day. Nowadays, people are buying more organic, natural products and, that’s why essential oils have sell rates between 60% and 79%.

  • Hair Removal products

Hair removals are always needed. Every woman is searching for the best hair removal product, so this might be your winning product.

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