Nyx Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick Amethyst Vibes 3ml


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Nyx Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick Amethyst Vibes 3ml


The Nyx Glitter Liquid Lipstick is a new opportunity for your lips to shine. Cherry Quartz is an innovative lipstick that takes your attractive pout to new heights. It has a matte color with a metallic cut when you apply it, and when it has sat and dried a little and you press the lips together and open them again, the most beautiful mica finish appears.


  • Innovative lipstick
  • Matte color with a metallic insert when applied
  • Turns into an attractive mica lipstick as soon as you press your lips together
  • High coverage
  • Long-lasting
  • Make your lips sparkle and shine only by the power of your lips
  • A mouse garden for those who want to join the fashion

How to apply:

  • Apply the metallic-matte color of your choice and allow to set.
  • Smack lips together to reveal a dazzling glitter finish.