Rose of Bethlehem Sterling Silver Round Lace Pendant

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0.8″ Diameter gorgeous master-crafted lace sterling sterling silver pendant. A real Rose of Behthlehem flower. Guaranteed to bloom over and over again. 16” Italian leather necklace with 1”extension chain and spring closure. Free gift box with the story of this miraculous flower. The Rose of Bethlehem is a real flower from the Holy Land set in a beautiful handcrafted pendant. Each flower is unique and one of a kind. The flower is very resilliant and following these easy care instruction will allow you to enjoy it’s amazing re-blooming ability for many years to come. Just a few drops of water and The Rose of Bethlehem opens. It takes about 5-10 minutes for the flower to fully open and about an hour and a half for it to close. Care instructions: Store pendant in an open place to assure that petals are not being pressed by any object. As this is a natural flower, do not place pressure on the petals, and avoid touching them. Do not shower or bathe with the pendant and do not wear it in a pool, hot tub, or in the ocean. Do not expose the pendant to chemicals or detergents.

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