Calori Stretch Mark Cream 60ml

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Calori Stretch Marks Cream is specifically formulated to deal with toughest and deepest stretch marks developed across especially during pregnancy when collagens holding your skin give up and tears off creating deep lines. Calori Stretch Marks Cream combines a proper combination of moisturizing and cellular building materials such as synthetic peptides, vitamins, and organic Marrubium extracts that has a proven record of protecting stretched mark structure and removing all kinds of signs of stretch marks. Our remarkable product properly moisturizes the skin and stimulates quick recovery of affected areas to heal the skin.  KEY BENEFITS Effectively treats all types of stretch marks and protects the skin with active complex.•    Improves toughness and flexibility•    Properly moisturizes and smoothes the skin•    Repairs deep scars and lines•    Gives a refined, clean appearance•    Removes all signs of stretch marksProperties of Stretch Mark Cream •    Helps skin retain its structure during any unusual physical change•    Anti-inflammatory properties help curb skin inflammation due to stretching•    Helps protect from skin degradation•    Boost generation of collagen and helps repair stretch marks•    Keeps the skin moisturized, smoother,  softerINGREDIENTS •    Purified Water•    Emulsifying •    Wax •    NF•    Squalane•    Cyclomethicone•    Hyaluronic Acid•    Glycerin, •    Palmitoyl •    Tripeptide-5•    Panthenol•    Marrubium •    Vulgare Extract•    Caprylyl/Capryl •    Glucoside •    Lecithin •    Pseudoalteromonas •    Ferment •    Extract•    Acetyl •    Tetrapeptide-10•    Pentapeptide -18•    Xanthan •    Gum•    Potassium •    Sorbate, •    Caprylyl •    Glycol,Sorbitan •    Laurate, •    Lauroyl Proline•    Butylene Glycol•    Chenopodium Quinoa Seed extract•    Multifruit extract•    Phenoxyethanol•    Ethylhexylglycerin

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